Pre-Order Noctorum’s 4th Album THE AFTERLIFE

Hello Music Lovers!

We are happy to announce Noctorum’s fourth album THE AFTERLIFE to be released in November 2018. The album will be available on CD and gatefold vinyl.


Noctorum - The Afterlife (2018)
Noctorum – The Afterlife (2018)
Noctorum in Dallas 2018
Noctorum in Dallas 2018

Everyone knows that making and selling a record these days creates some interesting challenges, but as I look around the In Deep Music Archive, I see just how many records were made despite all the difficulties of their eras. With the advances in technology putting a studio in everyone’s computer, music has actually become easier to make and share with the public and interestingly this coincides with fewer sales and less financial backing from record labels as the internet has decimated record sales. This means that the non-commercial artists cannot build an audience with their art so easily. But even as financial backing and record contracts are a thing of the past for most of us I see that these new ways of doing things can end with a positive outcome. It really is a labour of love. Still, there’s nothing quite like making a record in a good studio with talented contributors both creative and practical. So for musicians and songwriters times have changed drastically as we are mostly no longer supported by a record label’s handsome budget – but then we are also free, we have our creativity intact and with our ingenuity and the help of those that like our music we can help make it all happen anyway. 

We wrote, recorded and mixed THE AFTERLIFE at Dare’s VIP Lounge studio in Penzance, Cornwall (also home of the In Deep Music Archive) using local musicians to augment the songs where needed – mainly drummers and other more obscure instrumentalists as we found them. 

Marty and Olivia Willson-Piper
Marty and Olivia Willson-Piper recording “Head On”

The album has me singing most of the lead vocals, playing guitar and bass, Dare sings two songs (High Tide / Low Tide and Show) and has been responsible for any programming and mixing and also plays extra guitar, bass and keyboards. Olivia duets with me on the song Head On. She also plays violin, cellolin and any needed string parts as well as singing backing vocals. See track listing below.

We have invested quite heavily in the album with the costs of other musicians and technicians, studio rental, mastering, artwork, travel and accommodation. The manufacturing and promotion will be contributed to by our label Schoolkids but it’s going to take more than their small budget to get the album noticed. That’s why we decided to go with PledgeMusic.

To see the ways in which you can support this project you can pre-order THE AFTERLIFE through our PledgeMusic store. Other ways to contribute are available, ranging from t-shirts to record shopping sprees in your city and even recording time with Dare and I down here in Penzance. 

Thanks so much in advance for your support from Marty, Dare, Olivia, all the musicians involved in the project and Schoolkids who we also thank for their support! Spread the word!


The Moon Drips
High Tide / Low Tide
Piccadilly Circus In The Rain
A Resurrected Man

A Girl With No Love
Head On
The Afterlife
In A Field Full Of Sheep

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