The Moon Drips – New Noctorum Single

The Moon Drips Single Cover - Photo by Rob Potter
The Moon Drips Single Cover – Photo by Rob Potter

2019 is not only here but on its way into the future as the winter lurches forwards. As we feel around in the darkness we uncover a third track available for streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud. “The Moon Drips” is the opener on our forthcoming album The Afterlife, released on Vinyl and CD on February 15th through Schoolkids Records.

Following on from the melancholic pop of “Piccadilly Circus In The Rain” and the edgy despairing “A Girl With No Love”, “The Moon Drips” is a moody opener. It’s a perilous journey on a mysterious caravan that takes the unwitting across the Texan-Mexican border to a geographically impossible jump, landing in Bohemia and Prussia. As these two worlds collide, winds howl, trumpets blast, violins yearn and 19th-century sequencers outmode harpsichords as creatures of the night fly silhouetted against the glowing disc of the moon, a backdrop for realized shadows as they pounce on reality itself.


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