Still in love with The Afterlife? The scent of roses is dissipating into the ether, the blood pumping through your heart is slowing, the last tacky Valentine’s Day card lies discarded on the bed. What now? For those of you that didn’t hear the new Noctorum album The Afterlife before today, February 15th is the official release date and it is now available to order and stream if that is your poison.


The reaction from those that ordered the album in advance has been somewhere between enthusiastic and rhapsodic. Those unsure about dipping their toes in the water for fear of a sudden chill can now test the album with the confidence of a warm bath. If you use Spotify, Apple Music and all the other streaming platforms like I do as a place to listen to the albums I’m going to physically buy, you can now look before you leap and confidently fall onto the mattress, into the arms of the fireman, safe and sound, rescued by the huskies, justifying your decision to choose this record to love in the war of choices.


Noctorum’s fourth album, The Afterlife, a collaboration between me and Dare Mason, is out today on Schoolkids Records. Vinyl first pressings are already selling fast, even the CDs are vanishing in a trail of dust, so get your physical copy, with all the artwork and the words now – while you still can.

Thank you to everybody that has sent such wonderful positive feedback to us about the album. See you out there somewhere on the planet Earth, come and talk to me about the music you love. 💿


Noctorum - The Afterlife (2019)
Noctorum – The Afterlife (2019)

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