Bandcamp to waive their revenue share on all sales this Friday, March 20

Hey All!

Bandcamp are waiving their commission fees for one day only, kindly giving us musicians the chance to take advantage of a direct income source. So, 100% of the income will go to us. But, it’s specifically from Midnight Pacific time USA for 24 hours only (from 3AM New York / 7AM London / 6PM Sydney).

We have just added Noctorum’s Afterdeath EP for download. You can also download all four Noctorum albums, Seeing Stars and solo records, check it out to see what’s available. On the physical, we have also added some t-shirts and MOAT’s first album on vinyl (with free CD) and some In Deep tote bagsIn Deep and Afterlife t-shirts have very limited sizes (all small and just one dbl XL), but we do have a range of Noctorum Honey Mink Forever t-shirts. Yay!

You can also get my entire discography for 50% off, so have a browse and thanks for all your support! Anything you want autographed, just ask. Stay safe out there!


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