Today we are happy to announce the Record Store Day release of Noctorum’s Honey Mink Forever through Schoolkids Records and on exclusive yellow vinyl. This had always been the missing link in the back catalogue of CD-only releases that dominated the early 21st century. Record Store Day will be on April 20th this year and as the popularity of vinyl grows, limited editions like this will be hard fought, so break out your sleeping bags and be glad RSD is in the spring.

We all know that CDs were often too long and we were happy for the restrictions that vinyl gave to your favourite albums, so it will be reordered and we have culled the two instrumentals, the short title track as well as New Scientist, and the punky Mao Tse Tung Kiss for what seems like a more concise record. Here’s the order:

Side 1:
Better Hope You’re Not Alone
Tora Tora Tora
Victorian Vignette
Running Through Your Fingers

Side 2:
False Flag
Bad Dreams

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