Honey Mink Forever (2011)

Noctorum – Honey Mink Forever (2011)

While the late Mark Wilkin, drummer on the first two albums, features on two songs on our third release, we decided to utilise the sublime skills of Church drummer Tim Powles. He dropped in on Penzance during a UK holiday to lay down his parts. The mega production on the opening track False Flag gives the album a luxurious sound (it gets lost when converted to mp3 though). The riff laden Better Hope You’re Not Alone features a spontaneous jam in the outro with Marty’s guitar building into a feverish, feedback laden, whirling dervish of a solo. The breezy Running Through Your Fingers attempts to address the environment and Mao Tse Tung Kiss the rise of China. This time, Dare chipped in with lyrics to False Flag and Victorian Vignette, the latter being a Folk inspired ballad where Dare shares the lead vocal with Julie Kernow, a local Cornish singer. The album features some really beautiful guitar tones throughout with Marty’s playing varying from soft and sensitive to rip roaring full on lead. The album concludes with a giant jump into Jazz as two worlds meet with local Jazz players doing their thing while Marty adds a left wing rock guitar element making this an interesting hybrid. The cover art is a photograph of the artefacts window in the physical In Deep Music Archive taken by Simon Green. Interestingly, it is the only album that features photographs of the the two of us. As for the title? – Well you wouldn’t believe us if we told you.