False Flag

We saw them whisper in your ear
The words that you expected to hear
Mission accomplished
Handshakes all ’round

You climbed into your private jet
Not a hint of remorse or regret
Your masters smile
The battle nearly won

Where were the interceptors
Where was Captain Kirk
Why was there no warning
The radar didn’t work

Such a perfect execution
The media played a part
While the heroes and the fallen
Are all left in the dark

Meanwhile in the tower
I’m debating what to do
I never did have a head for heights
But I have to make a move

The terror of a certain death
The screams, the smoke, the chaos
As loved ones hear the phones go dead
And turn to those who betrayed us

And in the crackling dawn
They cleared the debris away
So it would never be known
What really happened that day

And they relied on us all
To believe what we were told
So full of shock and of awe
We trusted them with our souls
We trusted them with our souls

Our captain was looking nervous
As the sun set on the bay
He called the gunners to their stations
The anchors hauled away

An eerie calm descended
On the Gulf of Mexico
No Spanish through the glasses
Just a ripple in the status quo

Meanwhile on the foredeck
I’m debating what to do
The ocean looms below me
Cold and deep and blue

The ship is listing badly
Soon we all could drown
I thought I saw a gunboat
One of our’s – before we all went down

At home the bankers are pleased
Investment trebles that day
The stock exchange is busy
Conscription gets underway

And truth is twisted to suit
The aims of merciless men
They’re sacrificing our lives
To iron and steel again
To iron and steel again


Better Hope You’re Not Alone

Make a wish
And see just what unfolds
Watch the heat rise from the cold
Do you believe all you’ve been told

There’s a myth
That’s going ’round the world
That god can’t be a girl
Black with eyes like pearls

Well I know quite soon things are gonna change ’round here
Can’t you appreciate that everything you want is near
Random taught belief can only generate hate
Well the picture’s crooked
All this madness
All this foolishness
How come you want to desecrate

And if you go out on your own
You’d better hope you’re not alone

Let’s invent
A supernatural being
All knowing and all seeing
Who demands that we are kneeling

Then a small
Difference in the faith
Which will breed the seeds of hate
Until it’s all too late

If you look at it all it really doesn’t make much sense
You tell me you’re good as you’re committing the worst offense
There’s a hell of a lot of attack in your defense

Well the world’s our oyster
So don’t pollute it with your
Stupid, esoteric, narcissistic pretence

And if you go out on your own
You’d better hope you’re not alone



I can wander
Through this lonely place
Like other people do
But I can’t find you
Empty rows
Of memories long gone
That you retain
It’s this that gets you through

No need for lipstick
No need for perfume
No social engagements
For you to resume
No one to see you
Now he has left you
No one remembers you
You were two when they met you

But the days keep on
Making me cry
And the nights go by
I would surely die
I look at my face
And see the lines
Gonna lose my mind
The speed of time
Will I see you
When will I see you again

Here in the silence
Of the frantic busy streets
Nothing left to say
You’re on your own again
You take out your door key
That opens up a place
Where you’ll be alone
Always there but never home

No burst of laughter
No stumbling off kerbs
No searching special shops
For exotic herbs
No candles burning down
From moonlit dinners
No idle chatter left
The loser’s lost her winner

But the days keep on
Making me cry
And the nights go by
I would surely die
I look at my face
And see the lines
Gonna lose my mind
The speed of time
Will I see you
When will I see you again

And you sit on the stairs
And I start to cry
And the years go by
I’ll surely die
And I fall onto my bed
And I can’t get by
Gonna lose my mind
The speed of time
Will take me to you
Will take me to you again


Victorian Vignette

“Come my dear sit here and tell me
What it is that troubles you
If you can confide in me
Then we’ll see what we can do”
Be still, my heart
See how she suffers
“Lady take this moment
For there may not be another”

The comfort of friendship
Has turned into something not planned
How can I tell her
I crave the mere touch of her hand

The words left unsaid
Go ’round in their heads
Will shyness and shame
Defeat love again

“How kind of you sir, to ask me
What it is that’s on my mind
I assure you it is nothing
But tiredness from this work of mine”
Be still, my heart
His eyes are not for you
“Pleasant though it is to chatter
I have duties to resume”

These two years I’ve known him
His dear heart I never addressed
Yet all that I crave
Is to minister to his happiness

The words left unsaid
Go ’round in their heads
Will shyness and shame
Defeat love again


Bad Dreams

Almond eyes from paradise
It seems like I have won first prize
Time after time I close my eyes
Just to see inside my mind

The picture would come
A girl from a song
With a book in her hand
A guitar in the other

Strummin’ small chords
With delicate fingers
And writing proud words
With a tune that would linger

(On and on)
To break the silence
(On and on)
To kill the valence
(Bring it back)
It’s the juice that matters
(Those poor souls)
They’re as mad as hatters
(We all know)
They’re just not clever
They wouldn’t evolve if they lived forever
As you step upon the place beyond bad dreams

Song after song you’d sing along
To explain, to engage, to excel
No one can win when philosophers think
In a farce without love will they choose to deny you
If you look up there’s a world full of beauty
Is this alienation really your duty

And it’s on and on
With pain, with torture
On and on
Can’t you love your daughter
What kind of faith
Turns its back
Where is the light
When your inside’s black
I’m wishing you’d halt
With your flesh and blood
How can you mess with a heart so good
You surely must sleep with long bad dreams

Making friends around the world
A special girl (a special girl)
Making waves in many ways
Your special girl
Your little girl

Now I have found the someone you lost
Turning away comes with a cost

She’s sad ’cause of you
She’s mad ’cause of you
She cries ’cause of you
Bad dreams ’cause of you
She can’t sleep ’cause of you
She weeps ’cause of you
She’s scared ’cause of you
Bad dreams ’cause of you
She bawls ’cause of you
(On and on, to break the silence)
She breaks ’cause of you
(On and on, to kill the valence)
She heals ’cause of you
(Bring it back, it’s the truth that matters)
Bad dreams ’cause of you
(Those poor souls, they’re as mad as hatters)
She recoils ’cause of you
(On and on, with pain, with torture)
She spoils ’cause of you
(On and on, can’t you love your daughter)
She feels ’cause of you
(What kind of faith turns its back)
Bad dreams ’cause of you
(Where is the light when you’re inside’s black)
Bad dreams ’cause of you
Bad dreams ’cause of you
Bad dreams ’cause of you

She would die for you
She would die for you
Bad dreams ’cause of you
Bad dreams ’cause of you


Tora Tora Tora

It’s noon, no rush
No bus, no boss
No shower, no suit
No shoes, no queues

I’m going to ring you up
And have you come on down
And lie here next to me
We’re not going to need the sattelite
‘Cause we’ve got ITV

Tora Tora Tora
Women In Love
Tora Tora Tora
On this Sunday afternoon

It’s three, it’s free
The Great Escape
Planet Of The Apes

If you press the eject
Then we can both reflect
On what the best scenes did for you
We’ll be Glenda Jackson & Oliver Reed
In this epic bedsit room

Tora Tora Tora
Women In Love
Tora Tora Tora
On this Sunday afternoon

[TV Announcer]
It’s just coming up to 3 o’clock here on ITV. Time for your afternoon movie.

[Movie dialog]
Tarry no longer.
This is no drill.
[…Japanese dialog…] Tora! Tora! Tora! Huh!

Brush away the crumbs from the bottom sheet
Waiting for the break
And you can hit the kitchen at lightning speed
For another piece of cake

And while you’re there put the kettle on
And try to get back in time
‘Cause this is the part that you knew from the start
And it has your favourite line


Running Through Your Fingers

I believe in wondrous things
I can hear the planets sing
And they glow in reds and blues
And they’re mad at their abuse

And we limp to the future
Bandaged and bleeding
Challenged by the need for sacrifice
Responsibility and such
But when you look at what we’ve got
Is it really that much

Can’t you see
It’s running through your fingers
Running through your fingers
Just take your hands and stop it
Running through your fingers

If I must, I’ll spell it out
Who on Earth could harbour doubt
Can’t you see that just one soul
Is a piece in the crucial whole

I can’t make a difference
Someone else will fix it

When simple acts of habit
Are all you need to change
Just rein in a little bit
Is that so hard to arrange


Mao Tse Tung Kiss

In the West they’ve got religion
Blood and fear, distorted vision
They can’t see whe’re all the same
And all extremes mean

Pain across the Peking sunset baby
A sight you don’t wanna miss
I didn’t see it in your eyes
A complete surprise
When you threw me your
Mao Tse Tung kiss

In the East there’s population
But they’re not waiting for salvation
Integration or one nation
Another situation for a corporation

It’s all a theory
You can’t carve it in stone
Punching in the dark
Scared to be alone
Scattered in the dust
Of the great unknown

Was it on the Great Wall of China baby
That you came up with this
I didn’t see it in your eyes
A complete surprise
When you hit me with your
Mao Tse Tung kiss

If it’s China or Carolina baby
Just remember this
You can’t convince
2000 years of sins
With one Mao Tse Tung kiss